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For the past two decades we have lived executive search from every perspective: as clients, as candidates, and as recruiters.  We have led practices at the world’s premier search firms, overseen the talent and recruiting functions of global, market-leading companies, and guided senior-level executive transitions at Fortune 500 companies.  We offer our clients the clarity and simplicity that can only come from this experience – having seen just about everything.  As a result, we combine the experience and sophistication of a large firm with the scrappiness of a boutique.

The Small-Batch Solution

We take on no more than two searches at a time. Our partners do all the work themselves, giving each project the time, attention, and expertise it deserves.  Because of this core principle, we need not present more than four fully vetted finalists on each search. This approach minimizes the distraction that interviewing and screening candidates can create for your senior management team. The end result: we can fully stand by the quality of our work and offer an industry-leading guarantee for our successful candidates.

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