Interview Fatigue – The CEO’s Dilemma

All the great leaders we have served know they must have great leaders to succeed – to turn vision into results.  It sounds simple but everyone wants proven leaders and there are never enough of them to go around.  Recruiting them requires a sophisticated approach. How do you recruit business leaders who will make an impact without allowing the process to become a major distraction to your senior team?

Whether you recruit or grow talent, many on your team see endless interviewing as a necessary evil at best.  We have listened to a lot of executives complain that they have a business to run and are accountable for results, yet interviewing candidates “wastes” time they do not have.  But without the right people above, below and alongside you, winning is unlikely.  We call this conundrum “interview fatigue” and it usually leads to either promoting someone who isn’t ready for their responsibilities or hiring another company’s cast off.  

We have worked with and for some of the most amazing leaders in business, and they are often the best at representing their company to prospective candidates.  Unfortunately, that makes them more in demand as interviewers, and sooner or later their effectiveness or appetite for interviewing ebbs.  We invest the time to understand how these amazing leaders represent and position their company so effectively and move forward in the same manner as their proxy in the market.

As a hand-crafted firm that conducts small-batch headhunting, we only ask our clients to meet finalists – no more than four per project. This minimizes distractions to your leadership team, allowing them to focus on running the business.   Fewer interviews with much higher-quality candidates from a finite and exclusive population of finalists leads to better results for you and your business.  We unapologetically value quality over quantity.


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