Putting the Band Back Together

Executive Search is a tough, unpredictable, opaque and – at times – unsatisfying business for everyone involved: clients, candidates, and consultants alike. Firms fail to set and meet appropriate expectations, clients feel gipped by high-cost, low-value outcomes, candidates feel misled or misinformed, and search consultants often feel unfulfilled.

We should know. We have lived this industry – at its highest level – for the past two decades and have seen it from every angle. On the search side we worked for incredible firms and enjoyed wonderful colleagues.  We worked together for nearly ten years at both Russell Reynolds Associates and Korn/Ferry International. We then went on similar but separate paths, leading the internal recruiting and talent-management capabilities for market-leading global companies. We built and led teams of recruiters across the globe, continued to personally lead executive searches, and partnered with search firms, this time as clients.

These experiences left us wanting a more intimate, simpler and ultimately more successful and enjoyable option. After months of conversations with former colleagues and clients, we hand-crafted an approach based on old fashioned recruiting that we call small-batch headhunting.  The premise is straightforward – use our years of experience on all sides of the table to deliver finalists only, so you can focus on what you do best.

Without the pressures that come along with working for a huge firm, we intentionally chose to focus on a much smaller number of projects.  Like the artisans of old, we do not cut corners on our craftsmanship.  We deliver an outcome that you can be proud to put your name on.  We don’t take promises lightly and we stand by our principles – tell the truth even when it hurts, represent our clients impeccably, and deliver successful business leaders every time.  We couldn’t find this option so we built it.  Headhunting only works when everyone wins. We’re called Actaeon Partners, and this is going to be fun.

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